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Since the early 20th century a training weapon made from bamboo (Shinai) and a light-weight armor, which was developed in Japan, is used in Kumdo. This training method replaced most of the earlier and more dangerous training techniques. Nevertheless Kumdo wasn't very popular until the beginning of 1969, because only since then the training armor could be produced with newest materials in large numbers. After the needed Equipment for Kumdo was available for affordable prices, the popularity of Kumdo increased very fast. Kumdo wasn't the martial art of a couple of chosen ones anymore.

In Hwal Moo Do Kumdo fighting with the Shinai is taught as well as special moves (Kum Sul) and the sowrd-draw (like in laido). Here the control and the handling of the sword is trained, At the beginning a wooden sword is used, a real sword comes into action.

Kumdo is a physically as well as mentallly challenging martial art. A kumdo-fight with a skilled opponent is a intensive experience. For one moment when the opponents face each other, the concentration is absolute. The conscious thinking is suppressed and all actions are carried out instinctively. The training develops the power of determination and endurance under stress, which influences the daily life of the kumdo-student as well.